Short Announcement (skip this)

Hello again,

Unfortunately my summer holiday’s over… NOOOOOooo!!

Ahem… so tomorrow I’ll start the 2nd year at the Faculty of Automatic Control & Computer Science. This means going back to the traditional 5 hours of sleep/night and while I’d really like to keep this blog updated with fancy C# tricks and programs I’m afraid I’ll not be able to. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy programming most of the time but…this might be too much.

Truth be told…the number of articles per month may start converging to 0 :( - once again. If somehow I get some spare time and good ideas for new posts I’ll try to publish them here.

Virtual Piano Player in C#

Ok, back to the main idea…

You probably heard about - if you didn’t it’s an online piano (made in Flash) that allows you to play notes & chords using your keyboard. However it’s pretty difficult to play (especially on laptop) and it doesn’t have many tabs…so I came up with this little app.

It takes guitar tabs, converts them to keys and sends them to the virtual piano;


  • it supports multiple instances (you can play 2,3,4 pianos simultaneously but it’s difficult to sync them)
  • it doesn’t require focus (like others)
  • it can output virtual piano sheets
  • it supports chords that require both shifted and not-shifted keys

Here are 2 songs “translated” to virtual piano (might not work in rss viewers):

Sourcecode is too messy to be revealed at the moment - also not very short and might require explaining.
Show this page some love and I’ll consider making a tutorial…some day…