About this blog

Hi there,

I’ve started this blog back in 2012, while I was in highschool, with the intention of tracking my progress in the domain of computer science - since I consider that if I can explain a concept to others, I understand that concept. During this time, I tried to publish different technical articles that covered subjects which I, personally, considered interesting for me and for others and turn this into a small notebook.

Mostly, you’ll find here programming-related issues and solutions (initially focused around the .NET framework) that I encountered in my journey, short code snippets and proofs of concepts (POCs). My intention is to discuss different coding-related topics while also providing a working example in order to successfully grasp the presented idea and being able to actually test it.

The subjects I will cover range from machine learning to security to networking as these are the domains I’m currently learning as a master’s student and currently working with as a junior researcher.

I thank you for reading this short bio and hope this website proves useful to you,